Juvederm is the #1 chosen dermal filler collection in the US and offers 5 different long-lasting fillers. Each one adds volume and is designed for different needs in different areas of the face depending on your unique needs. Juvederm is made from Hyaluronic acid, or HA, which is a naturally occurring substance that replaces volume due to loss of collagen and elasticity.

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  • Juvederm Ultra: Juvederm Ultra is an advanced dermal filler with a smooth consistency used to restore hydration and volume for support and elasticity. Used mostly for lip augmentation to give a full and supple look.
  • Juvederm Ultra +: Juvederm Ultra+ is an injectable used to correct moderate to serve facial wrinkles and folds. This filler is used mostly for those who want “Instagram” lips and for the improvement of nasal labial folds.
  • Juvederm Volbella: Juvederm Volbella is an injectable gel used for lip augmentation and correcting perioral lines known as “lipstick lines” or “smoker’s lines.” It is best for lines around the mouth using the “Fern Technique” to soften and stimulate collagen build. Also, it was recently FDA approved for undereye filler to improve hollows leaving you with a natural, younger you.
  • Juvederm Vollure: Juvederm Vollure is a dermal filler used to treat nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the mouth. It works by placing long-lasting gel deep into the nasolabial folds around the mouth and nose. Vollure is less hydrophilic which means less swelling. This can be used under the eyes on lips as it is soft and pliable
  • Juvederm Voluma: Juvederm Voluma is a dermal filler in the Juvederm family and is FDA approved for augmenting and volumizing the cheekbones along the zygomatic arch on the face. It can, however, be used for jawline, chin, and temples. These results are immediate and continue to improve as the dermal filler integrates into the tissue.